Intel has created the world’s smallest quantum chip

Already practically does not remain doubts that in the future quantum computers, if not will replace the familiar to us computers, then certainly strongly they will press. The success in this sphere do have a company and recently, Intel has managed to create the world’s smallest working quantum chip.

New miniature quantum chip was made in the factory of Intel’s D1D Fab in Oregon. And, interestingly, for the creation of this chip was used in almost all the same techniques that are used in the manufacture of conventional silicon chips and processors. It should be noted that the work of quantum chips is fundamentally different from the aforementioned silicon cells. Quantum bit (qubit) consists of one electron, which, according to the laws of quantum mechanics, can rotate in several directions. This phenomenon is called superposition, which gives the qubits of the enormous computing power that is many times higher than silicon transistors.

Miniature quantum chip from Intel is quite small. Its size is about 50 nanometers and, under the statement of engineers of the company, the material thickness of a human hair, could accommodate up to 1500 qubits. However, these powerful “kids” should work at a temperature close to absolute zero, which requires the creation of special conditions for the functioning of the devices, based on the mechanism of quantum computing. At the moment this is the main drawback of the quantum computing system, the resolution of which could be the next technological revolution.

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