Intel has unveiled a new affordable Xeon processors for workstations

Intel has introduced a dozen new Xeon processors. Innovations refer to a series Xeon E-2100 and are members of the family of Coffee Lake.

Aimed new products at workstations and entry-level are essentially the same familiar to us current model Intel Core with some exceptions.

Innovations 11, but one of them, Xeon E-2104G, only some specific clients that will be rare. Public of new products 10. Parameters in the table below.

Source — AnandTech

As is clear from the table that the models with letter G at the end have a graphics core, and the rest deprived of it. New items include a dual channel memory controller, support up to 64 GB operatives, have 16 lanes of PCIe 3.0 in addition to the 24 lines in the chipset C246, and supports ECC. Of course, percent 14-nanometrovye.

And they have a performance LGA1151 as regular Core, but insert them in a normal motherboard will not work. More precisely, the insert you will insert, but will not start. And Yes, I’m talking about the processors.

Also note that the chipset integrated controller Thunderbolt 3. I do not remember whether in the chipset of the previous generation, but it seems not, so it’s cool. By the way, please note, OCTA core models among novelties there, although such should appear among the ordinary Core by the end of the year. I think after the release of OCTA-Core will be updated and the line Xeon E-2100.

In General, most conventionally inexpensive workstations, which will be released in the coming year will be to use these processors.

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