Intel introduced the Intel Core i9-9900K, Core i7-9700K and Core i5-9600K

So, today, Intel finally unveiled the long-awaited OCTA core CPU for LGA 1151.

Scary thought, because if not AMD with its successful Ryzen, perhaps we would have introduced another Quad-core flagship, which is the predecessor of the different frequency +100-200 MHz. Fortunately for us, the reality is different. So, here are the parameters.

As you can see, Core i9-9900K step further in pricing and is estimated at nearly of polkilometra. However, now in reality so much asking for a Core i7-8700K, so I dread to think how much they would sell the new product. Also note that the top-end Core i7 now without Hyper-Threading. Yes, it’s got eight cores, but something tells me that there are applications where it will drain Core i7-8700K.

Also note that all three new products under the caps, the solder, which should positively affect the overclocking. And very cool look of the box. Really cool, although the concept is copied from AMD.

Anyway, new items are presented. You can buy will be from October 19. Wang, in Europe for Core i9-9900K will ask in the region of 700 euros. Put the bet!

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