Intel launches more processors, the ninth generation

The company launched the Intel more processors, the ninth generation of computers, including laptops, custom gaming, computers portable premium, which provides higher speeds and best connection options of the chip the previous.

According to chip, the latest series of Intel chips core Core H series, which was announced today, Tuesday, offer up to 33 percent increase in overall performance compared with processors released three years ago.

It is expected to provide the processors load times and updated the best games, and faster processing to improve the video in 4K.

The point of sale of the other chip good to include in a standard wireless network the new Wi-Fi 6, which can provide download speeds of a maximum of about 10 gigabit per second thanks to the router gear available, along with the support port Thunderbolt 3.

Also expanded the largest manufacturer of chip cases in the world, its range of processors next generation devices computers desktop to meet the needs of manufacturing companies devices personal situation, ranging from modulation processors from Core i9 new arrival to the chip the Pentium Gold, and Celeron.

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Targeted at Intel by Chip H series players, and the makers of content, and people who want to get the best possible performance for your laptop.

There are estimated to be 580 million player games the situation in the world, and the number of e-sports has reached 400 million, there are also more than 130 million maker content depends on the need, more than 50 million professionals.

Come processors models Core i5 and Core i7, and Core i9, it will be announced the first notebooks with the chip the new in parallel with the disclosure today from manufacturers, such as Asus, and Lenovo, and Razer.

Flashing police declined to compare the performance of a new chip with second generation previous, but the chip was the ninth generation terminal based on an updated version of the architectural Coffee Lake, Intel said last year that the architecture of their the latest manufactured in accordance with the technique 10 nm won’t arrive until the end of 2019.

And the top Intel Core i9-9900HK pack the ninth generation of processors, H series, so that the processor 8 cores, works at up to 5 GHz with a maximum when you activate the Turbo Boost feature, a rate could not be achieved previously in the chip laptop.

The company uses a new processor Intel Core i9-9900HK, contained 16 MB of cache, the players live streaming, who need to run the latest games on your personal situation, coupled with the need to record footage while playing those online games.

While it includes a Core i7 processor the new 6 cores, works at up between 4.5 and 4.6 GHz max, while the company has supplied processor Core i5 with 4 cores, works at up between 4.1 and 4.3 GHz maximum.

Supports all chips the ninth generation portable up to 128 GB of RAM DDR4, they can work with the model Optane Memory H10 from Intel to provide faster loading times compared to the model Optane Memory traditional, and the hard drive.

According to Intel, the new chip paves the way for notebooks – kind designs.

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