Intel model laptop games with two screens unique design

The company introduced the Intel during Computex 2019 model laptop with two screens spaced two-dimensional design, a new targeting category of content creators and gaming enthusiasts; by being classified in the category of laptops top gaming force in the inner gear, taking into account this is a special experience of the Intel issue laptop brand besides being a manufacturer of components and tortillas for the internal computers play a major role.

And speaking of the laptop, which appears at first glance similar to ZenBook Pro Duo , who revealed about the Asus during the show also, but it differs in terms of the application of the idea, it can be said that Intel has surpassed ASUS in the design of her laptop on the one hand, strengthen the second screen of the joint similar to joint the course in the main screen to allow it to control repositioning of the screen in front of the user according to his desire.

In the old leadership of the main screen 15.2-inch FHD with the edges of the broad phenomenon dramatically as is the case with the secondary screen which has a measured 12.3 inches to be that Intel overcame a number of obstacles faced by content creators and players through the addition of the second screen and its functions will facilitate their business.

For example can use the touch screen to the secondary address in the settings and the characteristics of preparation in many programs, content creation with focus the main screen on the content itself, as well as meet for the purpose of display characteristics in the games and the map fund, the conversation data and the detailed assessment of the player.

The important point here is that the work of both the two screens follows the view of the user so that the device is equipped with a camera tracking system allows activating the role of the second screen and once the transfer is viewed which means you can use it to do other jobs and you to work or play.

At the time, which is where the laptop of the current model for the interesting hand design; however, there are no assurances of the actual After On adopted his idea or put the user at the time of the close, for the earliest, according to forecasts Intel probably sees the light of day in the period of the year to two years.

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