Intel processors manufactured using the technology of 7 nm will be delayed until the year 2022


When it comes to the manufacture of semiconductor companies such as TSMC continues to break iron in relation to the technology of manufacturing chips and products by adopting the technology to manufacture more advanced. On the other hand, it seems that Intel is struggling with it, the company announced in its financial report for the third quarter of the year 2020 that the products manufactured using the technology of 7 nm may not arrive until late in the year 2022 or early 2023.

According to Intel, it has stated by saying : ” the timing of the product that is based on the manufacturing technology 7 nm changed by about six months starting from the previous forecast. The main incentive is the yield of the manufacturing process 7 nm, which is now directed to delay further by about twelve months about the internal target of the company. “

Detection CEO of Intel, Mr. Bob Swan that his company discovered a flaw in the manufacturing process 7 nm causing the appearance of some of the problems. As a result, moving Intel to own contingency plans which include the use of facilities, third party assistance in the manufacturing process. This does not mean that the processors of the central enterprises will be delayed, but instead of that is manufactured using the technology to 7 nanometers, the company will continue instead to use the technology of 10 nm, as is the case with Intel Tiger Lake and the Intel Alder Lake next.

In the meantime, as we have said, Work Company TSMC to skip the border and that the company aims to manufacture metal products by using the process of 3 nm in the year 2022. Accordingly, it is clear why the company decided to the Apple TV to stop using solutions to Intel in computers for their own use instead processors Apple A Series of their own, a move that will bring Apple to fall under the mercy of such delays in the future.

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