Intel recognizes that it lost part of its market share processors and are fiercely largest

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Through the conference Citi Global Tech, the Intel technology giant to analysts that it lost part of its market share for office products, and even though she didn’t remember her opponent directly, but this got for its arch-rival AMD launched the second generation of processors Ryzen this year’s strictly the manufacture of 7-nm from TSMC.

And confirmed Jason Grebe that the company would like to be more formidable in the market, and is working on improving the situation of its production capacity so as not to encounter the problems of grease in the production that she had throughout the long months, and assured Jason that Intel want to be part of the process of the sale of every wizard on Earth. And recall that Intel is preparing a processor i9–9900KS the placing on the market to be wizard’s flagship and the best in the market of desktop computers, addressed to the lovers of video games.

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