Intel reveals complete three-dimensional-like camera “iPhone x” Front

إنتل D15 كاميرا

إنتل D15 كاميرا

Revealed Intel about the cameras three-dimensional to match the shift in computer vision from two-dimensional to three-dimensional, similar to those existing in front-facing camera for phones “iPhone X” of Apple.

In general, all the cameras in the phones and computers are cameras, two-dimensional, i.e., they see elements in a flat without knowing the dimensions. But thanks to the new cameras, will become the situation able to simulate the human eye to monitor the dimensions of the items in front of him, this is what is known vision, three-dimensional eyebrows.

The company confirmed that the use of those cameras direct and simple, once connected to the computer via the USB port works immediately and can the developers was, and all persons, to both use them in different applications.

Prices show D415 وD435 $ 149 $ 145 $ respectively, except that the first comes with a tight and are useful for use with small items, at the time come in which the second lens offering is able to capture the elements on the wider field of view.

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