Intel reveals PC modular displays بNUC Compute Element

Provided intel’s new model of modular during the Computex today, where comes the new model with a different vision and Intel today entitled NUC Compute Element.

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I still have computers from the category of modular attract the interest of technology giants, so we are again witnessing a new vision for this category of devices in the events of Computex today where he reviewed Intel’s new model for this class of devices.

Comes the new model of the computer models with the idea of installing the configuration of the main device present in a specific part of the device is detachable to support the upgrade configuration, case Safety, a good idea already to upgrade computers that come with a distinctive feature multi-touch or screen possible with the highest quality display smoothly without the need to sacrifice with the need to get the configuration of the top.

I have provided intel with the same idea, previously through a Compute Card, however, the final design for the Model case came out differently, as confirmed by the spokesman of Intel to modems Daimler new NUC comes to addressing the problems that appeared in a Compute Card with performance better.


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