Intel reveals plan to connect the chip by by Foveros 3D in 2019

إنتل تكشف عن خطة ربط رقاقاتها بتقنية Foveros 3D في 2019

Revealed intel about the technical work to follow in the installation of the chip by next year follow the three-dimensional product in the accumulation of chips was launched by the company name Foveros 3D allowing the process of integration of the components of the chip core in the center is vital to carry out operations more efficiently will be more positive on the performance and processor speed.

The idea of accumulation and the chip itself used in the Global on-chip interconnect; in the situation routine is to attach the memory card at the top of the processor and have between them hundreds of connections but by plug size and number of connections extent of the use of this technique, to technique Foveros 3D an ideal solution based on the interconnection between the chips via the mechanism of catalysis flour in silicone to ensure coherence for more effective leads naturally to the South quick in the transfer frequencies between the chip and performance of the working machine as a whole.

Where the Intel in the technical method of delivery to its own known as the EMIB where the use of police handlers Kaby Lake-G binds to the central processor unit and graphics processing as well as memory and thereby provide high speeds, so it is clear today that Intel is pursuing a strategy serious to change the chip designs it ensures their continuity in the future survival of the theatre companies in basic industry metal products, semiconductors and other.

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