Intel stopped the project smart glasses

إنتل نظّارة ذكية

إنتل نظّارة ذكية

Intel has decided to stop development of wearable devices and close its own project to develop smart glasses after only two months of the detection system of the Vaunt that rely on augmented reality and laser.

Despite the mobilization of millions of dollars and cooperation with leading companies such as Tag Heuer and employed hundreds of people to work on this project, but it will not see the light of day will stop at this stage without giving reasons clear and explicit.

It seems that Intel didn’t see the use of a wide range of a large segment of users for such a product, therefore it must be stopped even before it was available by private developers to make useful applications in everyday life as well as its release by the official of the Pan.

Relieve system Intel system The Google way content is displayed where you know no Intel anything on the lens, but directly within the user’s eye and does not contain a camera or you need to activate the touch screen and others like system and Google, thus using its more limited and relates mainly to show notifications important, but its shape looks like a bespectacled plain, therefore, familiar with the user wearing them.

It is not strange for Intel to develop new technologies and products, and then stop them before they reach the marketplace, this glasses is just one such example.



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