Intel unveils first treated with 10 nm

إنتل تكشف عن أول معالجتها بتقنية 10 نانومتر - Ice Lake 10nm - 10th-gen Core

Intel announced finally for the first chip treatment with 10 nm which is expected to provide greater speed than its previous, it comes after the launch of its processors, the ninth generation Core i9 before about a month from now, but they quickly launched the chip treatment technology of the new category The Ice Lake to represent the tenth generation the 10th-gen Core.

Will the new generation of processors available in the U series, as it will appear in the copy processors Core i3, Core i5, وCore i7. Will be working with a port Thunderbolt 3 in addition to Wifi technology 6.

The Intel build this type of processors on the architecture of Sunny Cove which provides up to 4 nuclei and eight lines of address in addition to a frequency up to 4.1 GHz, but even though this number of cores or threads and it seems little compared with this update, the company talked about the greater speed by about 18% available in this generation compared to the previous generation, thanks of course to the technique of 10 nm.

Intel has said that the central processor will deal with processor graphics the eleventh generation ” Iris Plus” built in the same chip, which allows to do many tasks more quickly, so lets play 1080 without any effect, a graphics processor provides the speed of the tires about 70 frames per second compared to 45 frames per second in the previous generation, what it means to miss him greatly.

She said the company introduced the comparisons show the superiority in performance between the graphics processor of the new and Old months the games available on the computer.

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