Intel unveils Intel Core new include processor graphics from AMD


When it comes to playing on laptops, they usually want to experience the smooth and reliable to some extent, the presence of processor and graphics separate helps in that. Over the years, the company achieved a Intel some progress when it comes to the performance of processors graphics integrated, but as we have said, the processor and graphics houses will always be a better choice if you are looking for a better experience.

But if you prefer not to spend a lot of money on a laptop for gaming, don’t worry because Intel has decided to collaborate with AMD on the joint solution will meet your enthusiasm. In fact, I’ve had Intel today at CES CES 2018 detects the new second generation Intel Core processors which include processor graphics AMD Radeon Vega M. what this means is that this integrated solution will help manufacturers for laptops creates laptop computers do not need to the processing unit discrete graphics, and this is what will eventually lead to the establishment of the laptops thinner without sacrificing necessarily performance.

This announcement should not be surprising to however, and she assured us Intel actually late last year it is working with AMD on something that would convey the experience of use of the laptops to the next level. According to Intel, the new processors will perform better, providing up to three times the frame rates compared with the similar products that were released three years ago, the performance is better by 40% compared with processors and discrete graphics current.

So if the problem is the need to choose between a laptop for gaming or a laptop computer skinny still haunts you, then maybe these new processors from the company Intel and AMD will lead to the creation of a new generation of laptops that will give you the best of both worlds.

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