Intel unveils model for computer games dual-screen in the conference Computex

Reviewed Intel during the technology conference, Computex model for your laptop comes with a new vision in the screen of double targeting by the Games mission design.

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Revealed intel about the model featured dual-screen of laptops allocated for the games, to be the second version comes designed dual-screen in the events of Computex having made ASUS released possible that the design of the ZenBook Pro Duo, except that Intel had a vision to design the best computers possible to the network dual.

Comes the Home screen in a PC Intel size of 15.6-inch quality display of full HD, while the screen comes up the second the size of 12.3 inches to the top of the keyboard with the same peeps home for your ZenBook Pro Duo from Asus.

And Intel this model to fit the actor to the network of double to be a reference model for manufacturers of computers, where they changed the traditional concept for the possible need to screen one.

Emphasizes practical experience of this model for the design of strong enterprises Dual in the reference model for computer, where the device is characterized by the mechanism for opening and closing the series does not differ from the mobile devices to traditional, as well as supporting Home screen tilt to the top, with the pull of the second screen and also features a status button is blocked joints and supported opening and closing.

It is expected that the design supports device Intel to raise the screen to the preferred level of the user, which provides a better experience in gaming and functions of video editing.

It also houses computer Intel the ninth generation of processors Intel Core i9, with Realtek screen GTX 1070 from Nvidia, as the design features a girl for ventilation circular to the bottom of the spacers to distribute the air in the device, this coupled with the ventilation of the sides of the machine in the main base.

Also the company can second that supports integration with the Home screen, where it can be view statistics of games while running the game, or can conduct conversations in the secondary display while running service Twitch


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