Intel used GPUs built for viruses

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Intel announced the development of new techniques for examination of viruses called detects threats better on computers that are running Windows, so the company found a new use GPUs Compact is scans viruses, these techniques speed up the memory scan “Accelerated Memory Scanning” and Intel Advanced telemetry “Advanced Platform Telemetry”.

Entered Intel’s new partnership with Microsoft in order to provide the possibilities of Accelerated Memory Scanning in the new version of its application for protection from risks and threats, Windows Defender, Advanced Threat Protection (demo version II) ad hoc for corporate clients and institutions, so that they can cancel the download antivirus programs from the CPU to the computer and transfer them to the processing unit integrated graphics from Intel.

The company worked on the design of the solution to “speed up the scan memory” in order to edit the profile when you start a virus scan, and according to Intel it has reduced the utilization rate of the CPU from 20 percent to less than 2 percent, taking into account that this feature will only work on Windows systems included the previous generation of chips Intel Core Skylake or later, this means in general computers that appeared in late 2015 and beyond.

The goal behind this feature is to increase the availability of Virus scan to discover more of the malware, according to Vice President of Intel Corporation Ricardo J. Echevarria although scanning technology The current it can achieve it from where malware detection-based memory, however, they lead to the pulling performance of your computer and drain battery life.

Display Intel this technology in the Security Conference RSA in San Francisco, it seems to have helped significantly in the exploitation of the resources of the CPU, where the rate decreased CPU usage for the computer from 100 percent to 30 percent, while the assisted unit for processing graphics Integrated Intel in download this need for resources.

On a related Note, It has Intel unveiled a technology Advanced Platform Telemetry, a technique that is based on machine learning algorithms in order to provide the possibility of the discovery of advanced threats, while minimizing the detection of false and increase the overall performance, so that it is aimed business activities, and will be used by the platform Tetration, a subsidiary of Cisco, which provides security for data centers

The company also announced the introduction of Intel Security Essentials, which she describes as a fixed set of security technologies are important across the lines of the central processing units CPU, and directly in hardware, and existing features on the development of reliable and consultation accelerated and take off the safe, which is now provided under one umbrella.

And Ricardo J. Echevarria about Intel Security Essentials saying: “this standard set of capabilities will speed up the Trusted Computing with leadership of the customer to building solutions well established and based on devices, moreover, these capabilities, which are integrated directly within the chip Intel has designed to improve the security situation to the way and reduce the cost of deploying security solutions and reduce the impact of security on performance”.

Intel used GPUs built for viruses

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