Intel used to move the industrial PCs to a new level with Project Athena

Use the Intel to move to a new level making laptops with a new vision in appliance industry offer through its new venture in the software Athena.

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Intel developed the standards of ultrabooks in the former manufacturers of computers mobile, which developed through its quality standards for this category of devices that came design very skinny, with longer battery life and light weight with the performance of the characteristic response of the fast, as this class of hardware for a competition design for the Apple MacBook Air.

It has evolved into the industry of computers to a new level with the design of the metal replacement for the plastic, as the distinction of this category of devices jump into an faster with the performance characteristic of such devices, the Dell XPS 13 and HP Spectre x360.

It is a new alliance of Intel and the start of a new generation of devices with its new project in the Software Project Athena, which moves the standards of the computers to a new level, but that Intel has not put the trademark of this category of devices even now.

Project comes with Intel’s new in a software Athena to target efficiency standards and battery in the devices in particular, where it is expected to put the brand new Project Athena the reliability and efficiency standards and a battery in hardware to promote hardware specifications, is reliable in battery life.

Include Intel to that Project Athena requires the report card in the computer at least 9 hours of life, Shipping on the ground, i.e., not only theoretically, that the battery lasts for 9 hours or more of use in a variety of tasks such as browsing and playback Wi-Fi, with the ratio of the brightness in the screen begin of 250nit.

It is estimated that prevent these standards, manufacturers of computers mobile of estimating the age of the shipment up to 24 hours in the tests does not give up playback of video content continuously, with the Stop call Wi-Fi, reduce screen brightness.

Also scheduled to work Intel Corporation to test the efficiency of these criteria in the hardware, i.e. that the documentation on these parameters in the devices will be through Intel directly and will not depend on the tests of the manufacturers, that this is the first year to start the implementation of the Intel project.


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