Intel, Vivo, MediaTek, Nokia withdrew from the conference of the MWC

List of companies withdrawing from the conference of the MWC 2020 is still continuing to grow, after all from LG, Sony, Nvidia, ZTE, Amazon announced the all from Intel, Vivo, MediaTek, Nokia, their withdrawal also from the conference and here’s why Unified is the fear on the staff of the MERS-CoV.

Vivo has expressed its regret in an official statement confirmed that it will announce the phone APEX 2020 at a later time and often it will be via a live stream on YouTube or something, it has announced the company TCL is the other confirmed that this withdrawal will not affect the company’s plans to in thing.

It has all of Nokia, Intel and MediaTek to withdraw from the event for the same reasons, but in terms of its organization emphasized the GSM region, the conference noted that there are still more than 2,800 companies participating in the conference and did not announce their withdrawal.

Source: GSMArena

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