Intel will create a super-computer, superior franchise’s first United States of America


The United States of America on the throne to have the most powerful supercomputer in the world, but it is now looking to the future. With the presence of many of the states that are racing to create the most powerful supercomputers in the world, will the United States of America establishment of a supercomputer also. Will Intel on the development of this super-computer, and superior excellence, in partnership with Cray Computing.

Supercomputers able to make a million Tera-flops of calculations per second. China is one of the countries that are working passionately on supercomputers so that announced in the year 2018 that has already been designed like this computer in the country and the National Center for the way high-tech will be able to create this situation in the second half of next year or the first half of the year 2021.

Sure that the United States does not want to lag behind. As a result, the minister of Energy Rick Perry today that Intel will work with Cray Computing to build the first computer superhero Super-franchise in the United States of America which will have the name of Aurora. Designed Intel to deliver this supercomputer superior excellence to a laboratory Argonne National Ministry of energy by the year 2021.

On this subject, stated Mr. Rick Perry by saying : ” Aurora and the next generation of supercomputers Super-franchise will bring supercomputing performance and techniques of artificial intelligence to various fields such as cancer research models of the product, and health products to veterans “.

Technical details relating to this project which costs $ 500 million is not to share even now, it is not clear how much energy that will be consumed by this supercomputer. Will use Aurora processor Xeon Scalable associated with Intel, the memory Optane DC from the East, and one API One API, as well as the architectural dialogue of the Intel X.

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