Intelligence Agency of the German saying that she can’t trust the company Huawei to build 5G networks


Stated CIA, the German BND that Huawei is a reliable partner and should not be part of 5G, which plans to launch in the country. And help the agency to ” security-related events ” in the past. Earlier, the stirred intelligence, the Norwegian, Danish and similar concerns.

Of course, the biggest pressure comes from the United States after the U.S. embassy warned in Berlin that the network 5G which has jeopardize may know the level of exchange of information and intelligence between the two countries at risk. Their concern is that the company Huawei to establish security flaws hidden in its intentionally to be able to Chinese government used for the purposes of the trade, which is the implementation of the Huawei always. So that the police reports of the US government to ban it and harm its reputation.

The executive body of the German responsible for the telecommunications BnetzA will begin the auction of frequencies 5G in a single day, exactly on the 19th day of March. It should be noted that the acceptance of the four companies Etisalat to enter the auction, and here it comes with all of the Drillisch Netz and Telefonica, Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone. However, the uncertainty about who will provide the equipment 5G may cause a delay in the auction.


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