Inter begins in paid video clips IGTV directly for the user

Update new insert brings the advantage of push video IGTV accounts that follow the user already, which is transmitted directly to the tab of the timeline in the user file.


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After the launch of the Inter for IGTV on the social network, decided to app developers to pay users see videos through the transfer of videos directly to the user’s profile in the timeline .

So if you follow one of the users of the insert you’ll find updates, videos IGTV own continuously in your account, it will appear to the user in the same form in which new posts but with a special relationship to the definition video clips.

Recall that the feature IGTV launched at Inter over the past year, allowing users of the celebrities in the first published long-form videos compared to videos traditional.

The developers began to insert in prompting users to gradually follow these sections that initially appeared as images in the app, and then appeared in the Department of research and exploration in the app, which came with autoplay however, during these stages did not attract water a lot of users, and now began to insert in Impose to see these users via push directly in the user profile in the timeline.


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