Interest in consumer phones Huawei dropped some of the U.S. embargo

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

The ban on Huawei in the United States of America cause all kinds of problems for the Chinese company, including its ability to sell new smartphones in markets where the Chinese brand strong presence. According to the news agency Reuters, has experienced the location to compare products supports PriceSpy decreased significantly in the click rates in the past four days.

Not only telecommunications companies, technology giants who are turning their backs to buy a Huawei. During the past four days, fell Popular Phones Huawei, it has reduced the rate of clicks on company phones by about half in the UK and Bing 26 percent at the global level, at least compared with last week.

I have a website PriceSpy to see about the views of customers in Finland, France, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Although the Prohibition of Huawei reinforced the uncertainty about the future of the brand in the smart phone sector, however, both Xiaomi and Samsung have filled some of the gaps in these markets.

The position of the Compared products, the same increase in the rate of clicks on Samsung devices increased by 13 percent, while SAW devices Xiaomi increase in the rate of clicks increased by 19 percent in the same time.

Feel Huawei the effects of the ban in all parts of the world, has been forbear many of the suppliers are Americans are already dealing with a Chinese company. However, it has postponed the ban on Huawei until 19 August, will be the company Huawei in this period able to continue to purchase components from American companies.

Yesterday, leaving the US President Donald Trump the opportunity to open to lift the ban on Huawei if the position of the United States of America negotiated a new business deal with China where the two governments from each other, and customs charges additional on items each.

I don’t believe that it will be banned Huawei for a very long time. As much as it seems that this will explode once it gets Trump on what he wants from the ban, it may take Huawei long to recover recovering from this incident.

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