Interface HarmonyOS from Huawei for the first time have shown in the photo

Huawei contradictory statements about your own operating system more than compensated for the characteristics of the final product. After all, almost all of the leaks about HarmonyOSthat were in the Network before the presentation, turned out to be true. Not only that, the new platform was indeed universal and independent of the RAM, and got the ability to run Android applications. I wonder how the interface looks HarmonyOS?

Despite the fact that HarmonyOS is still not officially released, the Chinese resource ITHome published photos of the first device from Huawei. They, as expected, was the TV Honor Vision. However, the company prefer to call their own product “smart screen”, because its functionality goes far beyond the capabilities of conventional television even with the smart console.

Looks like HarmonyOS

By and large, the interface of the TV version HarmonyOS has a lot to do with the design of tvOS. Desk on which the user gets when first turned on, is a grid of installed applications. Among other things, there’s a video service, which, apparently, is a cross-platform, all sorts of sites with movies and TV shows, and frankly the smartphone apps such as calculator, calendar and clock.

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It is interesting that, in contrast to the majority of smart TVs in HarmonyOS have full multitasking. If necessary, the user can quickly switch between running processes without losing current progress in any of them. And since the OS is extremely lightweight, most likely, the TV will be enough and a couple of gigabytes to hold in memory at once a couple dozen apps.

App store Huawei

Judging by the photos desktop HarmonyOS, Huawei has already prepared its own directory of apps for TVs. At least, it is eye-catching green icon labeled Huawei and stylized handle like paper bags. From this we can conclude that the company is seriously approached the issue of development of the new platform, and probably a similar store will appear in the smartphone version of the OS.

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It is obvious that the design of smartfonov version HarmonyOS will differ from the TV. However, you can count on continuity in design and General design code. Something similar we can already see in the beta versions of EMUI 10. Huawei seriously reworked the tenth version of the shell for smartphones, changing the appearance of many interface elements and reworking them in response to the activation.

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