Interface One UI 2.0 supports the most important features of update Android Q next

He confirmed a report published on the internet recently that Samsung support the next update of the interface, One UI 2.0 array of the most important features provided by Google to update Android Q.

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Came interface One UI set of changes is clear and important Samsung smart phones, which made Samsung in conjunction with the launch of the Galaxy S9 and also Note9, where the distinction of fact to support the main task with the design of the clearest and customization feature.

It is a new use Korean giant to launch the new version of the interface, One UI that applies soon with the new version of the operating system Andorid Android Q, where Samsung offers through the new user interface features to Android Q which include the style Focus of the new works to support the user in the control limits of fuel consumption of the applications on the phone.

As the interface supports One UI 2.0 Next control feature remarks access available to applications, along with feature to customize your list to participate in the fact, among other features, so we expect more details about the interface, One UI 2.0 when it’s officially launched with the updated Android Q.


I know of

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