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Samsung One UI

Representing the Samsung One UI a major shift in the design language followed by Samsung in the operating systems that you use on its devices. Still the new user interface, which debuted with the Galaxy S9 and +Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 in the month of January last, providing all the functionality of the previous interface, but in the design more fluid.

Allegedly a new report that the next version of the interface Samsung One UI will be released along with Android Q Samsung will also be benefiting from all of the recent improvements added by Google Inc. the new version of Android. Will be one of the major new features is the Well-Being Digital ” Digital Wellbeing ” with the mode ” Focus Mode ” of the new who helps you mainly in the shift in the pattern of use of applications by setting limits for use.

Improve the verification procedures in the powers, customize the appearance settings, and re-design a list of common, considered among the developments in the Android Q and other well-known which is likely to make their way to the front of the Samsung One UI 2.0.

In addition, the report claims that the new series phones Galaxy S11 Series is the upcoming flagship from Samsung will come in advance with the interface of Samsung One UI 2.0, but there are no details about what you can achieve in terms of features. With the approaching launch date of the official version of the final system Android Q, we should hear more about the next version of the user interface of the South Korean company soon.


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