Interface Vulkan bring the quality of games for iOS and macOS to a new level

The cross-platform interface Vulkan providing a large manufacturer and improved graphics in games became available on iOS and macOS. This is stated on the official website of the Khronos Group, is the developer of open-standard programming interfaces (APIs), including Vulkan.

Support Vulkan API open to developers of apps and games for iOS and macOS direct access to the GPU allowing us to use his capabilities to the maximum. Thanks to the tool in the game increases the frame rate, thereby increasing the smoothness of the picture needed for a more complete immersion in the gameplay.

This is perfectly evident in “vulcanized” version of the game Dota 2, which demonstrates a significant increase in frame rate compared to version on OpenGL. In addition, Vulkan contributes to better visualization of the blur effects and game textures, and a more natural portrayal of water, water drops, and similar facilities.

A set of tools for the development of a Vulkan-compatible apps available in the respective section on the official website of Khronos Group. To discuss the prospects Vulkan on iOS and macOS in the official Telegram chat

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