International banks and block the application or some of its features for S10 Nokia 10

The world previously about the gap that appeared in the calculation of the footprint for Galaxy S10 noted 10, which in a nutshell allows anyone to open your phone without a fingerprint registered!

In the light of this serious flaw a large number of banks around the world blocking the authentication using the fingerprint from the users of these phones simply because anybody now can grab your phone and transfer money to his account from your account!

This comes while some banks may withhold the entire application for phones Galaxy S10 (as tweeted above), except that this situation is inherently temporary, especially that Samsung has confirmed that this problem is on its way to.

The first of this step is the bank Nationwide English and then followed by the bank NatWest, and then followed them a number of other banks including Bank of China, which blocked the water from the tablet the Galaxy S6, too, even though they work with sensors fingerprint optical Optical, not Ultrasonic like the S10 and Nokia 10.

Recall that the main reason for this problem is to put the adhesive protection plastic on the screen which ruin the sound waves responsible for the recognition of insight.. What do you think? And do you have one of the phones? We participated in the comments..

Source: Gizchina

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