Internet sites able to steal your data

Can web sites use browser extensions to implement the code inside browsers steal sensitive data like bookmarks, browsing history, and even cookies.

Data breaches and cyber attacks are the top risk globally along with natural disasters and lamentations, where the attacker can exploit data that has been accessed to control the accounts belonging to the user on internet like e-mail and social networking sites or accounts related to accounts and finance.

Moreover, it can also be abuse of the plugins and application programming interfaces to download the malware and stored on users ‘ devices to provide data transfer to external servers, what can the attacker access to more accounts and possibly harm the user.

These types of attacks is not a theory, then prove it in the paper, academic researchers are French, they test more than 7800 add in the browsers Chrome and Firefox and opera, and were able to identify 197 add a label for malicious websites to access the stored data via the browser, it is data that can not be accessed in normal circumstances only if the plugins have the appropriate permissions.

Source: paper Academy

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