Interpretation in Pixel Buds will allow for other companies that support assistant Google

الترجمة الفورية في Pixel Buds ستتاح لسماعات الشركات الأخرى التي تدعم مساعد قوقل

Made Google in the world of financial service of simultaneous translation in the headset, its wireless Pixel Buds which supports voice assistant from the company to bathe in the soil. While users buy a phone and headset Google to take advantage of this service, it seems that things have changed this year.

According to the website Droid Life, the company decided to change it to allow the presence of simultaneous translation on the headphones of other companies, but provided its support to the Assistant Google Voice.

Certainly this would make it the companies producing Android phones to the development of wireless headphones better and Support Assistant Google voice to do that interpretation service to users in general, which helps it to keep its users more heavily in this case.

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