Investigations of violations of the laws lack of respect are the development system for Android

Android is the last to arrive and the Department of Investigation bodies, the prosecution of the American support with the violation of the laws of non-Area

تحقيقات انتهاك قوانين عدم الاحتكار تتسع لتطال نظام الأندرويد

New report from CNBC that the claims of violation of the laws lack of respect alone against Google Inc has been extended to after the last non-related topics advertising ways and marketing needs of the company for the development of the system of landed also.

Where was 50 on the one hand claim lawsuit American has launched an investigation against Google last September with the support you the laws of the lack of respect and its practice is not legal in many areas dominated by the giant company in the US market and globally-and the head of the organization marketing and advertising.

In that known for Google the degree of interdependence between the services and products you provide especially in the software service rolling heavily, it is not the occurrence of the Android under the weight of investigations weird, but it’s available particularly under the domination of the big not on the operating systems of the phones.

Came lawsuits a new investigation based on the risk of the mechanism that use the company data for users of Android phones and the extent of the legitimacy of their access to information and how it is disposed of, which means that soon we may achieve the years in all the runways of the company accordingly as the interdependence between its corners.

From the side she didn’t know prosecution authorities on the news, according to the report in Google expressed its position previously that it will be cooperating with the investigation since this is not the first time that it relates to such issues and investigations.


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