Investigations to match Google in India on the Android

Facing Google investigations in India on the Android, after that I ordered the Competition Commission of India (CCI) – which is the local product of the anti-monopoly investigation with the company, a subsidiary that, due to the exploited the alleged centre of the dominant operating system of its mobile phones to ban its competitors, according to a Reuters report.

Began body antimonopoly control in India to explore the case last year, before reaching a decision in the month of April, the commencement of a comprehensive investigation similar to that faced by Google in Europe, which led to pay a fine of $ 4.34 billion euros ($5 billion).

And more than 95 percent of smartphones in India by the Android system, used by the companies manufacturing the hardware for free, it seems that the control of antitrust in India is now convinced that we investigate in the fact that Google’s use of the centre’s dominant operating system to harm its competitors and to the local.

Decided to CCI in the middle of April to the charges in the complaint worth investigating, and ordered its investigation unit to conduct a comprehensive investigation, according to Reuters it has not been publicly reported about this decision, as it is not announced the reason to conduct a thorough investigation.

And this case is important for the CCI, given the precedent of the European Union, it appears that the commission had concluded that Google had abused its dominant position, noting that the investigation could take a year, and is likely to call executives at Google; to appear before the committee in the coming months.

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Said a Google spokesperson in a statement: the Android platform has enabled millions of Indians connect to the internet by reducing the cost of mobile devices, and Google looks forward to working with CCI; to show how LED Android to more competition and innovation, not kissing”.

Organizers explained in the case of the European Union that Google forced manufacturers to install their applications earlier, such as a search engine, browser it web Chrome, to the side of her shop for apps in Google Play Store, on Android devices, giving them an unfair advantage.

Enjoying the oversight body fight against Indian occupation authority imposed a penalty amounting to 10 percent of the volume of work with the relevant local police, in the past years, the last three, if they were found to have abused its dominant position.

Despite India’s emergence as one of the largest markets for Google in recent years, but the company did not achieve relatively little revenue in the country, which amounted to $ 1.4 million in the year ended in March 2018, compared to more than $ 100 million in revenue, achieved by the company globally in the same time period.

Recall that the new inquiry is not a problem of antitrust is the only company in its main market, by mandating the CCI in the past year a fine of $ 19.5 million; because of the bias of the search and abuse of its dominant position, as I found they had put a search feature on commercial airline flights in a prominent place in the search results page.

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