Investigations to match Google in Italy due to the Android Auto

You know the Google to a new analysis by the European antitrust authorities, but it not about this time complaints of the old on behavior of the company in the markets of search systems, smart phone, even with the largest services company in Europe, Enel, which may threaten Google’s ambitions in the automotive field.

Announced that the Italian Antitrust Authority today Friday it had opened an investigation on the misuse of Google for its dominant position in the market, the authority said control competition: if the investigation with respect to abuse Google to its position in the market of smart devices.

The authority clarified in a statement that it had agreed to start initial action against Google, confirmed the leadership of officials of inspections of the headquarters of the company concerned, and the community that Google has refused to integrate the application of the “Enel X Recharge“, which was developed by Enel in the application named Android Auto Android Auto.

The company is Italian energy giant Enel, the premium its mobile e-Enel X, which works to put up a network of charging stations for electric vehicles, has launched its application named Enel X Recharge, which helps users find charging stations.

And a giant sea, through the system run for Android mobile devices, and a dominant position in the market of operating systems of smart devices, where he works about three quarters of mobile devices in Italy through its system operational.

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Competing with Google Apple TV control on the dashboard of the new cars, which forced them to develop a complete operating system for cars, called Android Automotive, instead of Android Auto.

The application of Android Auto for Android users to use some applications and features of the phone easily and safely while driving, thus, exclude the application of Enel X Recharge reduces the usability of the application, as the added body, including the search for charging stations while driving.

The company Enel complaint to the Italian Antitrust Authority in the month of February, the tribunal confirmed that Google refused to incorporate the app for security reasons, as claimed by the giant sea, despite the fact that Enel designed the app to work with voice commands, in line with Google’s guidelines.

The statement noted that the desire of Google to grant Enel X Recharge from Android Auto represents the defense of its model for business in the application of VAM, which provides a wide range of services to end users, including information about the locations of charging stations of electric cars, and how to access them.

The challenge comes with Google after just one month of the start of the Italian authorities a preliminary investigation with Amazon on the abuse of its dominant position in e-commerce and logistics.

A spokesman for giant of the sea: designed an Android application that Otto taking into account observance of safety in order to reduce distractions, ensure to use the applications safely when driving, we are reviewing the complaint and we look forward to working with the Italian authorities to resolve their concerns.

May continue the investigation for up to a year, with cause trouble for Google in a case decided by the competition authorities it is trying to take advantage of its dominance on the world of smart phones to take out the other companies of the panel drive cars.

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