Investor feedback during the Note 9

Perhaps risk his money in investment I know of the extent of the threat that comes with a phone Galaxy Note 9 on sales of iPhone X, but it seems that Samsung does not pose a real threat if we look at the reactions of investors during the announcement of the Note 9 yesterday.

During the times switch on the American stock exchange was trading Apple stocks estimated at 209.50$ 30 minutes before the start of the conference announcement of Note 9, which was held in New York City, by the way, the fallen value of the stock to the 208.38$ after 15 minutes of the conference, after the conference ended Note 9 The value of the shares Apple back to to 208.88$ by the end of the day to increase 1.6% for the entire day.

This also includes trading Samsung shares on the stock exchange Korean to not being impressed with a phone Note 9; The lower the value of the shares of the company increased by 3.5% from a full day of flying to 37.59$.

Recall that sales of the Galaxy S9 وS9+ tumbled recently, with regard to the sonship 9 It is suspended on pen and new S Pen and the Processor options memories new large battery capacity to attract consumers.

Source: Phonearena

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