Investor Kenneth Griffin: I don’t see why I need Bitcoin

In may, investor Warren Buffett called Bitcoin “rat poison in the square, which rests only on the momentary interest of investors”. After that the businessman was under a barrage of criticism from cryptoendoliths — Buffett blamed the fact that he is not versed in digital assets, and his views are reactionary.

Now founder of investment firm Citadel, Kenneth Griffin stated that is not interested in bitcoin. This writes NewsBTC.

Why we need Bitcoin. The opinion of the investor

During a speech at the Delivering Alpha Conference in new York, Griffin said that no one Manager’s personal investment portfolio offered him to invest in Bitcoin.

In the following remark, Griffin showed that he is not versed in the principles of cryptocurrency.

If you have Bitcoin, you have to pay taxes on transactions with the coin. But for this you need a dollar and the IRS does not accept tax payment in cryptocurrency. I believe that the owners of digital assets are creating unnecessary difficulties for himself.

The investor said that it plans to offer customers the Citadel the opportunity to trade cryptocurrency.

I feel uncomfortable when you offer a client to invest in asset, which I don’t believe it. While none of the users of our services not addressed in the Citadel with a request to open cryptocurrency trading. At least, I don’t know anything about it.

I hope Griffin and other skeptics on wall Street will change their attitude towards cryptocurrency before Bitcoin will soar to the moon. Otherwise, they will lose a great opportunity to earn.

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