Investor Steve Eismann: Bitcoin has no value

In February of hedge funds Manager Capital Management BK Brian Kelly called the real value of bitcoin. In his opinion, it is about 8 thousand dollars — without speculation and other manipulations with the course. His colleague Steve Eismann, who made the prototype of the hero of the film “shorting”, said that in fact the bitcoin has no real value. This writes the CCN.

How much is a Bitcoin. The opinion of the investor

Eismann was one of the first economists who predicted the mortgage crisis in the United States. Due to this forecast, the Manager was able to earn all of the money and become one of the most respected experts in the investment field.

In conversation with the newspaper, he said that the exchange rate of Bitcoin is growing due to speculation and fraud.

I don’t see any sense in cryptocurrency. What value have digital money? No one can answer me this question. I don’t relate to this area. I’m not interested.

Previously criticized the cryptocurrencies made by the investor Warren Buffett. He called Bitcoin “rat poison in the square” and added that it is an asset that creates nothing.

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