Investors “cryptocurrency” pyramid burned the house its possible founder

A crowd of angry depositors in the South African Ladysmith burned the residence Stelele Baty, also known as Shamsa. The reason is that he is the organizer of the proposed cryptoperthite called Bitcoin Wallet that is not associated with the Bitcoin and promises a doubling of investment in 15 days.

On the eve of the local source IOL has reported that police initiated an investigation against Ponzi scheme, whose name was not disclosed. According to Bitcoin Wallet promised investors impressive profit.

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In an interview with one of the participants of the pyramid, who wished to remain anonymous, told the following story.

We were saying that Bitcoin Wallet is an investment, not a pyramid. […] He (the owner) was on the news that it is investing money in bitcoins and you can double the money in three hours. […] If you invest 100 thousand Rand, after 15 days you get back 200 thousand.

By the way, just 5 days before the arson Shusa also gave an interview in which he said that he was just a Manager and doesn’t have any governing authority in the company. So it may not solve the company’s problems.

I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t work with the Internet and don’t even know how to construct the system. A simple employee. The owner of the company has been in business on the Internet. And I’m just the Manager of the wing in Ladysmith.

According to Shusa, he lost money in this pyramid, and now work from home.

I won’t be able to work here. I have no money left. The owner gives replies that all can go online and just take the money. I myself have invested money in it. I have already provided all their data online and now waiting for payment.

There is one of the largest financial scams in recent years. I want to stress again that the scheme has nothing to do with real Bitcoin. Most likely, this name was invented to attract more attention to the background of growth in prices of cryptocurrencies.

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