Investors Facebook claiming Mark Zuckerberg stability

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Increased investors Facebook of pressure on the chairman of the board and Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg to abandon his post after he explained an investigation by the New York Times that the social network hired a consulting firm, political and public relations to his critics, and invited the investors of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg to resign as chairman of the board, which may increase the difficulty of the enormous challenge facing Nick Clegg Nick Clegg, the president of the new global policy communications at Facebook, who joined the company last month and asked him to conduct an audit of the use of Facebook for political pressure.

Called John KRON Jonas Kron, vice president and director of shareholder support in the company trillion Trillium Asset Management, which owns a large stake in Facebook of $ 11 billion USD, and last night Mark Zuckerberg to resign as president of the board of directors in the wake of the report, said : “he’s acting Facebook ostentatiously like a king of its own, this is not true, if Facebook is a company and companies need to separate chairman and Chief Executive Officer”.

And Mark Zuckerberg and Nick Clegg, deputy prime minister and former British, beaten because of the reports led to Facebook review of the company’s public relations Definers Public Affairs to help repair the reputation of the social network after the strong criticism faced by the organization depending on the method of their cooperation with the scandals recurring, such as the Russian intervention in U.S. elections in 2016 and the scandal of the Cambridge Analytica.

Reports allege that the company Definers Public Affairs had been encouraged to portray my products on Facebook that they are anti-Semitic and published news articles critical of rival Facebook, has also been accusing the police of trying to encourage journalists to report on the correlation of anti-Facebook Guy American business George Soros George Soros.

Implemented Mark Zuckerberg know that his company have hired Definers Public Affairs, said: “as soon as he learned about it, spoken with our team and we no longer work with this company,” he asked Nick Clegg to conduct audit of the use of Facebook for political pressure, however, the said John Cron, the new disclosure about the use of Facebook for this the company has introduced new grounds for Zuckerberg to talk about his dual role as president of the board and the executive director.

Said Kron: “you must increase the last report, any remaining doubts he may have other,” where the Mark Zuckerberg the great ability to control the work of the social network he founded in 2004 depending on his being the chairman of the board of directors and the executive director, along with his ownership of the share represented 60 percent of the shares of the company’s biodegradable, and claims to investors that Nick Clegg faces a tough task to repair the reputation of Facebook due to the lack of knowledge in Silicon Valley.

She described Julie were Julie Goodridge, the CEO of NorthStar Asset Management owners of more than 50 thousand shares on Facebook, appoint Clegg to investigate the pressure Facebook is crazy, she said: “I don’t think that you can assign someone, is still mainly subject to the board of directors, and expects to have already the power of Zuckerberg and members of the board of Directors of others.”

John explained Crohn’s he’s happy that Nick Clegg will review the efforts of the political pressure used by Facebook, but added that this step is not enough, described the appointment of Clegg as a step contrary to the part of Facebook to solve the problem in a superficial manner, and will produce only temporary improvement or slight, as Will says Nick Clegg reporting to Sheryl Sandberg Sheryl Sandberg, the chief of the operations section in Facebook.

She warned Natasha Lamb Natasha Lamb, a managing partner in a company are capital Arjuna Capital invested in Facebook, that the dual role of chairman of the board and Chief Executive Officer means that he is able to avoid fix the problems inside Facebook, said: “the concentration of power this creates a lot of problems within the company”, adding that this practice is designed to hide the existence of the problem rather than acknowledge their existence and develop a road map to solve them.

It is worth mentioning that it has become common to operate one person has a dual role position as CEO and chairman of the board of directors in the Silicon Valley, which allows the founders to retain control over the company, even after its transformation into a public company, and Elon Musk took office in manufacturing company Tesla electric car that reached agreement with the Securities and Exchange Commission of America in the month of October to relinquish the post of chairman of the board of directors.

The gate Arab News Technical investors Facebook claiming Mark Zuckerberg stability

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