Investors want to exhume the body of the deceased founder of the crypto currency exchange QuadrigaCX

Law firm representing users of the now defunct the crypto currency exchange QuadrigaCX, wants to exhume the body of former Director General of the platform. In a letter sent by Miller Thomson at the Royal canadian mounted police (RCMP) requested the authorities to dig up and examine the body of Gerald Cotto. Recall, he died from complications caused by Crohn’s disease, at the end of December 2018. Along with thirty years Cotto has disappeared and all cryptocurrency users.

Here’s the statement by lawyers.

The purpose of this letter is on behalf of the affected users to request that the RCMP conducted the exhumation and autopsy of the body of Gerald Cotto, and he confirmed his identity and cause of death. It is worth considering the dubious circumstances surrounding the death of Mr Cotto and significant loss of affected users.

What happened to the head of the QuadrigaCX?

Cotto’s death was kept secret for months after his death, because the exchange has accepted deposits but has not allowed some clients to withdraw funds during this time.

Shortly after his widow Jennifer Robertson announced the death of Cotto on the website of the QuadrigaCX exchange is out of order and announced that Cotten was the only person who knew the private keys of cold wallets platform. Consequently, he was the only one who could gain access to the cryptocurrency.

However, the investigation by Ernst & Young showed that cryptococal of the exchange was empty, and most of the digital assets were transferred to other platforms and purses. Death Cotto has caused many theories among cryptoendoliths. According to the statement, Robertson, her husband died from complications of Crohn’s disease, which is usually not fatal.

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Last few hours Cotten went to an Indian hospital. Reportedly, his name in the hospital records was misspelled. Shortly after the scandal erupted examining the man the doctor told reporters that was not able to determine the exact cause of his death.

After the death of Cotten was embalmed in medical school and brought back to Canada. There, he reportedly was buried in the middle of December.

The firm’s representatives respectfully request to complete this process by the spring of 2020, given the process of decomposition of the body of Mr. Cotto.

The situation around QuadrigaCX follow our cryptodata.


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