Inware — all the information about the smartphone in one app

Where you can view information about the smartphone? For these tasks there are many applications, but not all of them implemented efficiently. The most popular option is the AnTuTu Benchmark, because this benchmark, download massive app, to view only the text information is not very reasonable. The latest Inware, which will reveal all the secrets of your smartphone.

The main advantage Inware is a lot of different information. There are 8 sections:

  • System — this section displays information about the version of Android as well as other General information about the system;
  • The device — in this tab you can view information about manufacturer, model, screen, additional features (scanner & technology Vulkan);
  • Hardware: to further explore information about the CPU, cores, clusters, a dynamical progress bar that displays the processor utilization. You can also view a detailed analysis of the frequencies for each core;
  • Memory — as in the case of CPU, the partition memory displays detailed information on memory;
  • Camera — here the displayed data in the cells, the presence of OIS, EIS and other features;
  • Network — network data;
  • The connection information for Bluetooth;
  • Battery — battery status, temperature and technology.

The app supports a dark theme in the settings you can customize the display of the background of the dark theme. In the settings you can also activate the experimental data on the detection camera and the battery capacity, but their use can lead to unexpected consequences. This functionality Inware ends. The app is extremely useful when you need to know any technical information about the smartphone. It is especially important use when buying a new smartphone. It is a kind of protection from fraud and selling fakes.

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Application: Inware
Developer: Pixel Monster
Category: Tools
Version: 1.2.0
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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