iOS 12 beta 4 requires a password every time you connect accessories

The fourth beta version of iOS 12 Apple developers have revised the principle of operation USB mode Restricted Mode restricting data transmission via Lightning connector. Now, before you can connect to your iPhone or iPad to any accessory, the owner will confirm the action by entering password, without waiting for the expiration of the hour.

Not charging iPhone

If earlier iOS required a password every hour and only when sending data via USB, but now the combination is retrieved only once, but when paired with any accessories. To ensure a users security the same rule applies even to connect a smartphone or tablet to charge.

Password recovery iPhone

USB mode Restricted Mode introduced in iOS 11.4.1 as the ultimate way to protect your Apple device against password guessing attacks using external devices, was not sufficiently reliable. How did you find the experts of the company ElcomSoft, system protection can be bypassed by connecting the unknown accessory.

Not a bug, but a feature

Later it became known that Apple intentionally made the vulnerability due to the need to ensure the operation of USB accessory in the framework of the initiative “Universal access”. Expected, it will allow users with disabilities to initialize itself in the system by entering password from external devices.

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