iOS 12 beta 5 has confirmed the release of the iPhone with two SIM-cards

In conventionally available iPhone 9 almost certainly will be support for two SIM-cards, as predicted by industry analysts. This is indicated by the corresponding reference detected by the developer Guilherme Rambo in the program code of the fifth beta version of iOS 12.

Component of the operating system, which drew the attention of Rambo, responsible for the formation of a diagnostic report about compatible devices and, in addition to other technical information that includes mention of a second SIM card itself and the slot to install it.

iPhone with two SIM-cards

The presence of the second slot may indicate that the additional SIM card will be physical, and thus can be used in all countries without exception, unlike the built-in (eSIM). If this information will receive a confirmation, Apple has a good chance to set a new sales record.

Smartphones with dual SIM are very popular in several countries, including in Russia. For this reason, many manufacturers refused to supply branded smart phones with one SIM-card to the Russian market, supplying it with the only dual-SIM variants.

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