IOS 12 succeed in preventing the device GrayBox break passwords iPhone

iPhone XS Max

Because of the rejection of the permanent for Apple to create a back door in iOS system in order to allow the law enforcement bodies breaking into the system if the need arises. so, it wasn’t on these bodies to third-party companies for assistance. This led to the emergence of tools such as the GrayBox which is used to open iPhones closed.

Now according to a new report released recently by Forbes magazine, it seems that the iOS system 12 to stop the operation of this device so that it turns out that the GrayBox is not be effective with devices running iOS 12 or higher version. We have heard earlier this month that Apple choose many ways to prevent the use of such devices, and you also want that iOS system 12 will be able to prevent it, and it turns out now that it’s true.

The report is based on the opinions of many of the sources who told the author that a GrayBox is no longer able to break passwords for iPhone running iOS 12 or higher version. And, apparently, the device GrayBox will be able to pull data from the device, but these data are usually encrypted, making it useless in the raid.

Has confirmed police officer John Sherwin of the Police Department of Rochester in the state of Minnesota this report by saying: ” this assessment is fairly accurate based on what we’ve seen “. However, it must be done for a certain period, and in the end there will be a new way to break passwords phones Apple, including those running iOS 12 although we believe that Apple will also work to thwart those new roads.



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