iOS 13 allows you to pay the fare even discharged iPhone

This summer Apple changed our view on security, presenting the application a Locator, which allows you to search for the lost device even without a network connection and that is absolutely amazing, without charging. This was achieved through the correct setup of the Protocol Bluetooth Low Energy, which is taught to transmit a distress signal when the battery is dead. However, in Cupertino were not limited to only search functions, and went even further.

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As the reader reported iOS 13 allows you to use the iPhone as a travel document, paying for travel regardless of the charge status of the battery. Even if your phone is completely dead, you will still have the opportunity to sit on public transport, upon presentation of the iPhone terminal with the stored electronic travel.

How to pay Apple Pay with iPhone discharged

Actually such a possibility – amazing at first glance – is not something incredible. The fact is that to ensure the operation of the NFC module, which is used for payment, even require fewer resources than for Bluetooth Low Energy. Thus, if the smartphone battery is completely dead, the near-field module will still be able to function properly for several weeks or even months.

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Of course, it would be cool that Apple introduced the ability to pay for purchases using Apple Pay in a similar way. However, Apple still has not done and is unlikely to make for one simple reason. In a state where the iPhone is completely discharged, it cannot verify the identity of the owner using biometrics, and therefore is itself able to pay in full discharge exposes the smartphone owner and his savings danger. No pin code for this use.

And how do you think you can implement contactless payments via Apple Pay without biometric verification? Share your opinion in the comments or our Telegram chat.

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