iOS 13 confirmed the superiority of iPhone over iPhone X XR

The uniqueness of Apple’s approach to iPhone updates is not only to support them as long as possible, but in the fact that they can adapt to new functions and the old and new models, not to mention devices of the same generation. As a result, even iPhone users of different ages can use the same functions, extracting from them roughly comparable benefits. But in the case of iOS 13 it is not so.

iOS 13 was the first version of mobile OS from Apple, which added support for nightly themes. She puts the interface in the dark color, thereby facilitating perception of the information on the screen in low-light conditions. But have night themes and more, not less important purpose, which is to save battery life. Here only it is available on only three iPhone models: X, XS and XS Max, while the iPhone XR, despite its novelty and top stuffing, remained out of work.

How to increase the autonomy of the iPhone

Despite the fact that iPhone XR better and newer than the iPhone X, he will not be able to extract from night topic all its benefits, only the reduction of the load on the user’s eyes. At the same time saving energy and remains the prerogative of the “real” flagships. Reason – in the LCD display, which Apple has equipped the iPhone XR to reduce its cost.

Than the AMOLED screen better IPS

As you know, the main difference of the LCD from AMOLED matrix is that the latter does not have in its design a component such as lighting. Organic panel composed of a plurality of blue, green and red LEDs that are illuminated independently of each other and their combination is capable of producing absolutely any colors and shades, except black. To display black color, the LEDs just turn off, thus reducing power consumption and increasing the autonomy of the device.

The moral: a good excuse to buy an iPhone X instead of XR.

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