IOS 13 faces a number of performance problems

Apple officially launched the final version of the iOS operating system 13 for all the compatible devices around the world, but the most important thing that you should know before doing the update, at least at the present time, that the new system does not rise to the level of quality usual for Apple.

May be it is important you install the new system on the spot, but maybe it would be better for you to wait for new iOS app 13.1 which should be issued on 24 September, which is supposed to address the problems of the various system.

According to the experiences of many users, there are a lot of errors and important problems in the iOS system 13, including app crashes randomly when you open them, the collapse of communications, and can be applied to the camera sluggish, in addition to participation in the writing of messages in iMessages and problems in the AirDrop and more.

This year’s unprecedented for iOS versions, so that it seems that the company has launched the system to all users and is not quite ready, which is unstable like the first version of iOS 12 in the past year.

Source: The Verge

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