iOS 13: How to make Siri read incoming text messages automatically loud

Can Siri in iOS 13 read texts out loud through the headphones Apple AirPods or Powerbeats Pro, as soon as it arrives, allowing you to send real messages without using your hands when you are busy.

This feature called”Announce Messages with Siri”. Which makes the personal assistant for the Apple TV reads the notifications your phone is received from the messaging apps to the AirPods or Powerbeats Pro when you can’t access your phone.

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Features don’t work on devices AirPods original first generation, but if you have a model of the second generation, then things are good.

Siri يقرأ الرسائل النصية الواردة

No doubt that the ability to quickly listen and reply to incoming message is a great improvement. Now you no longer need to double-click on the Apple headphones AirPod to summon Siri and ask them to read the text I just received out loud.

Follow the steps below to learn how to set up Siri in iOS 13 to make it read incoming messages automatically in a loud voice.

1) Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad or iPod touch with iOS operating system 13 or the latest version.

2) Click on the Notifications Notifications.

3) press the Announce Messages with Siri.

4) Turn on the Switch next to the Announce Messages with Siri.

5) to prevent Siri from reading your response before it is sent, turn off the Switch Send her replies Without Confirmation.

Siri يقرأ الرسائل النصية الواردة

6) Now click on messages Messages the bottom of the Announce Messages From.

7) choose who you want to receive messages this way:

  • Everyone
  • Continuous with the newly
  • Favorite

According to Apple, if you turn off notifications for messages, it will enable it with this option.

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