iOS 13: How To Use custom fonts on iPhone and iPad

One of the features that have been put forward for the first time with the iOS version 13 وiPadOS 13 is the ability to Use custom fonts on iPhone and iPad. Water is limited at the current time, follow us here to learn how to customize your lines.

There are some applications at the moment provide a solution for this process, as they bring custom fonts for iOS and specific applications. But with the iOS system 13, support the Apple TV and install the font management is officially on the iPhone and iPad, and works at the level of the system (but it is limited in the current period).

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Here, at the minimum, we will cover two options to download fonts and install them and use them in the operating system iOS 13. But until now, this feature is supported only in the application Pages and Keynote and Mail and external applications is limited.

This means that you can’t use any font in any application you want (or Facebook, or Instagram, or Snapchat, or what have you). You can download keyboards or a third party app to Use custom fonts, but this process is different from the way you use fonts available on the system level in iOS 13. Although this support is limited at the present time, however, compatibility will be over time.

Use custom fonts on iPhone and iPad

First option:

  1. The application of Font Diner , one of the first free apps that officially work with custom fonts on the system level in iOS 13 easy
  2. After downloading it, open it and click “Activate” in the top right corner (the grey button)
    iOS 13 الخطوط المخصصة على iPhone وiPad
  3. Click Agree, then Install
  4. You can see all the custom fonts are installed by reaching to Settings> General> fonts
    The now application is compatible with the custom fonts.
    iOS 13 الخطوط المخصصة على iPhone وiPad
  5. Type the new text or select the text exists, directed to the editor, and look for the custom fonts new

iOS 13 الخطوط المخصصة على iPhone وiPad

Second option:

There are apps around for some time to allow downloading custom fonts, including your own collection of fonts from iCloud Drive and Dropbox which you need to work with the iPhone and iPad.

One thing should be taken into account here: you’re afraid trust in the developers of these applications and the originators of the fonts as they work through the definition file is not OK you need to install on your device. However, there are some benefits.

You can use fonts installed in this way in applications more than those allowable with the iOS feature 13 وiPadOS 13 official, in addition to installing the fonts from iCloud Drive, Dropbox and more.

  1. Choose an app such as AnyFont or iFont (this example is using iFont)
  2. Click on Get Fonts in the bottom right corner
    iOS 13 الخطوط المخصصة على iPhone وiPad
  3. Choose fitted lines from the list
  4. Choose a plan and click upload it in iFont
  5. Once you download it in iFont, click “Install” next to it
  6. Go to Settings> General> Profile> tap on the new line
    iOS 13 الخطوط المخصصة على iPhone وiPad
  7. Select Install in the upper right corner
  8. Enter your passcode if necessary
  9. Click Install again
    iOS 13 الخطوط المخصصة على iPhone وiPad
  10. The application is compatible will the new line
    iOS 13 الخطوط المخصصة على iPhone وiPad

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