iOS 13 includes a security hole to reveal contact

Includes update (iOS 13) new Apple security hole lets you bypass lock screen to display contact lists, according to the researcher, independent security, Jose Rodriguez, Jose Rodriguez.

Apple has released a new version of its system operating (iOS 13) with a range of new features, in addition to a security hole is discovered before it was released a few days reveal the details of contacts without needing a passcode.

Published independent security researcher Jose Rodriguez clip video illustrates the vulnerability a week before the Apple TV version for the new system operational, and claims that he had informed Apple the vulnerability of the security on 17 July.

According to the video’s publication, it is possible to exploit this vulnerability by receiving a FaceTime call (FaceTime), then use the comment feature voice of Siri (Siri) – which allows users to control phones via audio – to access the contact list.

It can be for any unauthorized person to obtain names and phone numbers and e-mail addresses and any other information stored in a contact list of the phone without unlock the device.

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Given that the operating system (iOS 13) was in the experimental stage when the general appearance of vulnerability for the first time, he was supposed to claim my Apple TV fixed in a timely manner prior to the issuance of the official version, but they did not do so, there is no apparent reason.

Said the representative of Apple TV: the company will become a vulnerability in the update (iOS 13.1) is due on September 24.

As is the case with all operations bypass the lock screen, the gap of the new require the attacker to have access to the material and without interruption to the victim’s phone, and can be exploited remotely via SMS or similar means.

Have been documented a number of bugs and security vulnerabilities in the new version of the operating system, where released the Pentagon earlier this week instructed its employees not to download (iOS 13) and wait until the IS version (iOS 13.1).

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