iOS 13 iPhone combines all in one supercomputer. Why is it necessary

Despite the fact that for a long time, Apple was considered a company of one person that was Steve jobs, really in building products, of course, were not only he, but also a large number of engineers, designers, developers, marketers and many who still. However, few remember that quite a considerable part of all work performed is completely independent of the Apple businesses like Corning, TSMC, Samsung and even Google. However, the search giant has developed a technology, which today is the basis of Siri and allows her to learn, producing a portion of the computing devices of the users.

Apple has combined all of their devices into a single supercomputer, and teaches thus Siri

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Siri, like any voice assistant, is the first artificial intelligence, which must be constantly taught something new. So he could give the correct answers, you need to understand the issues to better perceive human speech, you need to keep in memory different accents and dialects and to be able to know the owner, he should be able to distinguish different voices. This is a huge array of data that is sent to servers of data centers analyzed, there likely remains unknown how much. However, Apple decided that it was not secure enough, and therefore applied the methodology of the Federal study, which was developed by Google.

What is a Federal training

The essence of a Federal education is to combine the computing power of all smartphones and use it for processing of data required for training the AI. It turns out that millions of devices solve many difficult problems as well as do supercomputers and telescopes, which managed to photograph a black hole. This way you can save money on data centers, but most importantly, do not send confidential information to remote servers and thus prevent the risk of leakage.

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Thanks to the Federal education data that Siri uses to training, never leave the users ‘ devices. However, while it turns out to not provide the processing of all incoming voice assistant of information, and only that which allows you to teach Siri to recognise different voices and to distinguish its user from a stranger. And operations such as decoding of the unappreciated assistant of phrases and learning new functions, remains with the living who listen to what we say with you and prescribe it for new scenarios.

As Apple makes the iPhone smarter

Despite the fact that Apple is testing a federated learning model in 2017, on the users ‘ devices, it was used only with the release of iOS 13. Only in this version of the operating system has special tools that allows a compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to unite with other such devices for carrying out complex calculations. However, Federal training is used to improve not only Siri, but also shipovoj print QuickType and for smart find data in applications, e.g., calendar appointments or messages in the mail. While this technique shows very good results, noted in the Apple, but because in the near future plans to expand the scope of its application.

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