IOS 13 lets you know what applications that relate to where you are, and where you set your


Boasts Apple as a company focused on privacy, over the years, the company made changes to the iOS system in an attempt to maintain the privacy of users with the to keep them informed of what is happening. For example, there will be an icon in the status bar appear when an app on your phone to track your location.

However, it seems that with the iOS system 13, will be transferred this property to the next level by not show apps that are related to your site only, but rather to show where tracked you down also. For example, in the picture above, the iOS system 13 a dialog box asking the user whether to allow an application to track its location even in the background.

For the first time, this property also comes with a small map shows you where the app tracks your location. In this case, the application concerned is Tesla who from home that he keeps track of your location because it is linked to your car. This also means that if an app tracks your location when you don’t think we should do this, you will know that there is something incorrect.

According to Apple, they are saying that users must have iOS 13 to be able to stop the appearance of these dialog boxes which will help them keep on updating your privacy settings and powers of their own. We believe that it may be upsetting, but if you really value your privacy, and the idea of tracking app for you, it may be useful. As everyone knows probably, it is expected that the Apple version of the official and final system iOS 13 late in the second quarter of this year.


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