IOS 13 now works on 50 percent of all phones iPhone

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Did Apple just reveal the official information regarding the rate of adoption of iOS New 13. These numbers mainly to developers of iOS apps so they can tell there customers Apple and attitudes that take it.

Based on the pie chart located at this link here, the last version of iOS made its way to 50 percent of all iPhones available in the possession of the customer currently, so after just one month of its release. For the models of iPhone that have appeared in the past four years, has been the adoption rate of the more impressive, reaching 55 percent, the system comes iOS 12 ranked second with 38 percent.

System iPadOS on the other hand, is facing some difficult times due to the rate of adoption is relatively limited to being fairly new on the scene. At the present time, only 33 percent of all tablet and iPad system iPadOS, while enjoying the style of iPad that has been launched in the last four years at the rate of adoption of a larger 41 percent. Of course, says iOS 12 way with a market share of 51 percent.

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